Top Handbrake Alternatives to Rip Commercial DVDs Now

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

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Top Handbrake alternatives

Have a bunch of DVD discs at hand, but unfortunately, you can’t access the movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod, NAS devices, Plex media server smoothly. Thus, you may need a powerful DVD ripping tool to assist you to rip/convert DVD movies.

For this purpose, the handbrake is one of the very popular free and open-source software that can cater to the DVD ripping needs. We’ll list and review some of the top handbrake alternatives for your reference.

Before we proceed, let’s investigate the Handbrake dvd software and why many people are using it for dvd and video backup or converting.

Handbrake Review: The Ultimate Free DVD Ripping Tool

Handbrake is a pre-eminent and supreme software that converts and/or rips any video into different formats without affecting the video quality. It works on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This free DVD ripping tool is elementary and suitable for all-level of users, and it lets you select a particular platform for good-quality video conversion. It often converts the video into all your required formats free of cost.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Handbrake as a ripper:

Handbrake pros and cons

If you are searching for more advanced options to customize the output files, we would recommend you to have Handbrake because you can find more settings and comprehensive customizations.

It likewise permits you to add the subtitle in those videos before converting, and it likewise has many video filters that make that video better and progressive. The filters include cropping, decomb, denoise, detelecine, and many more.

However, the program can only handle the DVDs that don’t have any copyright protection. To deal with commercial discs with any kind of protection, you need to get a third-party encoder.

Else, you can have other reliable Handbrake alternatives like VLC or three recommended software to get the job done!

Best 3 Handbrake Alternatives for Windows and Mac

If you search for the best alternative to handbrake, I have also come up with some monumental and worth using handbrake alternatives that will prove to be the best dvd and video conversion software.

Let’s get going with the following section and discuss that software’s in detail.

(1). WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (Windows)

The first option that we have selected for you as a handbrake alternative is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum that can rip a complete DVD into MP4 or many other video formats within a few minutes with lossless 1:1 video quality.

It’s been in the field since 2009, and since then, millions of users have got their hands on this software tool. It has the facility to backup the DVD and transfigures DVDs to play on Android and iPhone.

WinX Ripper has processed more than 3 lakh DVDs every year with the best quality and is being used by all the professionals and students. It permits you to have a free trial for your satisfaction, and money will be given back within 30 days of trials if it won’t satisfy you. It can transfigure the videos in any format and let you play that DVD in your mobiles, Laptops, and computers.

If you want to have a backup of your DVDs or videos without any time limitation and in the best quality, WinX DVD Ripper is always a great option. I would recommend you to free download and trial the program for better comprehension of this ripping tool.

Moreover, you can enjoy its features on your own. You can apply different effects from cropping the video to trimming the undesired parts for better classification. To know more about this application, read our editor’s full review on WinX dvd ripper platinum.

Official page:

(2). Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro (Windows)

It is another overwhelming and enormous option to have the best results for video conversion within the least possible time. It grants you to convert your videos into different formats in audio and video form.

Moreover, it gives you the option of setting the parameters according to your requirements. You can set the screen resolution and apply different filters on the transmitted videos.

The program takes only 15 minutes to rip the video of 120 minutes with the best video quality. The software lets you customize the video according to your inclination and specification, and it is what we all need.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper is one of the highly recommended movie converter software that lets you enjoy the best feasible results. If you are in search of a Handbrake alternative, do give it a try.

It doesn’t require any hard rule to utilize it as it has a smooth and understandable interface that makes the process easy and straightforward. This DVD Ripper incorporates various tools that are used to apply multiple effects on the videos related to the contrast, brightness, saturation, noise, sharpness, and colors of the image.

You can enjoy all these features at a limited cost as this software doesn’t cost much. We also do not recommend you use the free rippers as it’s proven lack of features compared to the paid alternatives.

You can also have a free trial before purchasing it. Also, feel free to read our unbias review to know why our editor had chosen it as the best ripper dvd software in the market now.

Official page:

(3). MacX DVD Ripper Pro (Mac OS X)

You might have once gone through this another foremost and premier MacX DVD Ripper Pro that comprises all the features and characteristics that one demands for. It’s a top-notch DVD Decrypter for Mac.

With MacX DVD software, you can enjoy your favourite movie by cutting all the advertisements and trailers. Moreover, it let you have a backup of a particular video so that you can save it forever. You can turn on or off the subtitles according to your choice.

If you want to take your favorite movie’s backup, it permits you to have it on a blank DVD while skipping all the advertisements and trailers. You can add a lot of effects on your videos to make it the best in quality.

You can now view the videos on Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and other devices through this amazing Mac DVD Ripper. What’s next? You can try all of its features free of cost for a few days before officially purchasing it.

They keep on upgrading their new versions with better features and results. Advanced and efficient algorithms are used for ripping DVDs. It is termed as one of the fastest, cheap, and reliable rippers one can ever come across.

With easy interface, it makes the process easy and straightforward to use. If you haven’t got a chance to use it before, it is one of the worth recommending ripping software for Mac that won’t disappoint you after the testing.  Read the full review here.

Official page:


Video converter software is one of the highly used and in-demand tools used by all the professionals and students for different purposes. We have gone through one of the free and prominent software, Handbrake that does all the working for the best results.

Have a Handbrake video converter that can transfigure all the conventional multimedia files and every DVD within no time with a single go. However, this software does have some limitations and hence we also introduce some alternatives.

The top 3 alternative recommendations can be your better choice regarding DVD Ripper software. The programs were personally tested and researched by our editor’s. Give the software’s a chance for the best possible results.

Author: Powell Wong

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