Is Snagit the Best Screen Capture Software? Check Out Now.

Last updated on April 21st, 2024

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Snagit is the amplest and most influential screen capture program for Windows, which presents advanced features as well as extra tools for proper organization, simplification, and screen editing.

Users can seize any portion of the screen like single objects, full screen, and even windows, which scroll off the entire screen. Snagit enables inputs from a window, region, menu, fixed/scroll region, object, and full screen.

If you create Windows screenshots regularly, then Snagit serves as the best tool for productivity-enhanced features, especially in the latest version. The best thing is that users can avail of the free trial version for 30 days.

This article is about Snagit review, we will dip into all the features as well as the pros and cons of this software to let you decide whether to get this reliable screen capture software.

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The SnagIt Features Highlight

This software is just a “Go beyond ordinary screen capture” – which means this tool is not just a simple screen capture program, you also can use it to create video from images, video or screen recorder, and many more.

Improved screen capture profiles and new image effects make it even easier for Snagit users to take screenshots and edit them professionally and effortlessly and pass them on to other people, colleagues, or employees. Let’s see all their features in detail.

1. All-in-one Screen Capture

Regardless of whether you want to capture the entire screen, just a part of it capture a scrolling window, also texts from your PC screen, or scan images from a website, the Snagit is the top solution!

The auto-scroll feature of Snagit permits users to capture anything from the PC screen, which extends beyond the screen area visible to them. The scroll function has been significantly improved and it is now also possible to take horizontal scroll recordings in addition to vertical scrolling.

Web capture enables the automatic capturing of image files via online sites and linked pages. Snagit presents a wide range of features to edit, organize, and capture content from the computer screen. Let’s watch the video tutorial here:

2. Improved Audio and Video Recorder

The video record function in Snagit has been greatly improved. You can now record videos in MP4 format to demonstrate something at lightning speed. You can immediately save or share the finished video clips to YouTube, Twitter, Google Drive,,, and more.

It’s also possible to capture the screen with audio from your computer speakers and via microphones. Of course, you can mute the microphone at the Snagit Capture window. Watch the video below for a better understanding:

3. Edit Your Screenshots and Create a Video from It

So once you capture the image or any screen available on your computer/laptop, you can brush your image to make it look better before re-using it. What you can do with the image?

You can screenshot a series of photos from the screen and make a quick or simple video on it. You also can edit the created screenshots directly with the editor integrated with Snagit. Check out the video tutorial below:

Image capture facilitates users to seize any graphical content from screens together with Windows, screen area, graphics, icons, and menus. Snagit simplifies the process of capturing images from computers and using them in an effective manner. In some situations, having a still screenshot is not sufficient and highlights quick urgency for video capture.

4. Upload to

With the latest Snagit version, you can share your screenshots directly to YouTube, Google Drive,,,, or many other sites. The Screencast is a free hosting service built into the Snagit and makes it even easier to share your screenshots with other people.

The collaboration with Box and Slack services makes it possible for you to share any of your works with anyone, anywhere on any device securely. Your friends or colleagues can work seamlessly and more easily than before.

5. TechSmith Assets for Snagit

You can use the pre-made templates to create visual tutorials or training material with ease. This assets library contains thousands of free stamps, themes, images, and templates that are ready to use. You can simply use it for free to make even stunning output files faster.

However, you are required to pay (purchase separately $49.99/year) if you want to access all the library files. If you are too lazy to search around the photos, then you can utilize this feature.

Alternative software: Movavi Screen Capture Studio or Bandicam.

6. More Capture Options for Highlights

 Of course, Snagit also comes with many other great features, just to name a few:

  • Zoom function

With the enlarged crosshair in Snagit, it is now even easier to select areas down to a pixel. This allows you to take screenshots as precisely as under a microscope! Snagit also comes with an automatic zoom function. So the screenshots always fit perfectly on the Snagit Editor canvas.

  • Formatted text capture

Snagit is also perfect for checking texts and making changes quickly and easily. With Snagit, you can record the text directly from websites, similar to OCR software. It takes over the original text formatting and you can do this according to your wishes, e.g. change in the font, font size, and color.

  • Transparency

With the improved transparency mode, rounded Windows are also taken over in the screenshot without a disturbing background. Other custom shapes have also been added. So you only see the original background of the recorded window, document, slide, or website.

  • Remove unwanted sections

Snagit easily removes unwanted vertical and horizontal sections in one screenshot. Using the Snagit Editor, you can easily insert a background into the resulting gap or you can simply make the resulting section transparent.

  • Different color combinations

Snagit also allows you to determine how the background color of the Snagit Editor should look. Whether silver or green, you decide how it should appear or you take over the black background, just as you want!

  • Rotating text

Speech bubbles are often part of an image description and are still funny. In the new Snagit, you can now rotate these familiar speech bubbles, as you see fit. 

  • Custom trimming

Some users of Snagit may remember the custom trim function. Due to multiple customer requests, this function has now been added to Snagit. So you can now trim your pictures pixel by pixel according to your taste, whether from the left or right or from the top and bottom.

Official page:

What’s New in Snagit 2024?

Snagit 2024 new features

The following are some of the improvements that you can find on Snagit 2024:

  • Combine Videos: You can combine multiple clips into a single video.

  • Video Capture Improvements: You can switch seamlessly between fullscreen webcam and picture-in-picture video while recording. Also, the “highlight cursor” and “click animation” feature can have better effects on recordings.
  • New Stamps: It can quickly add stylish touches to your images. Even more stamps can be downloaded here
  •  Recent Captures Tray: You can move or even pin the recently captured images on the tray for easy access.
  • There are also additional improvements on the Mac version including blurring the webcam background, mirroring webcam video, and some other experimental features. 

The Pros and Cons of Snagit

With the many possibilities that Snagit offers you, the program can dominate the area of ​​a snapshot, screenshot, screen capture, or screenshot program and tools that you can currently find on the market.


  • Thanks to the intuitive user interface, Snagit is quite easy to use.
  • A comprehensive screen capture software – It saves screen captures mechanically and permits the user to combine manifold captures with much ease.
  • Snagit has the ability to accumulate often-used settings added to the menu during capture time.
  • Snagit enables the capturing of different content (partial or entire screen) involving video, text, and images.
  • It includes tools required to mark up, add text, convert, edit, share, organize, and annotate screen captures.


  • Snagit has some advanced functions that require a learning curve and confusion, especially for beginners.
  • Scrolling capture needs improvement as some users do encounter problems.
  • Upgrade to Snagit’s newer version is not free.

How to Use SnagIt?

There are many Snagit features that are impossible to show all of it here. But to get started with Snagit, you can check out the following webinar hosted by TechSmith.

Watch the video here (Length: 58:01):

For beginners, you can watch the following that demonstrates how to take screenshots and edit them on Win 10. 

Watch here (video length 27:03) –

Lastly, you should follow the Techsmith official Youtube channel here.


At present, the Snagit is available at $62.99 (one-time fee). This version will be compatible with the latest Windows and Mac OS X. If you are an existing user and wish to upgrade to old versions, the cost will be $34.99. 

P/s: If you buy it on, you can get a cheaper price at $49.99.

By paying $66.77 only, users can avail of enhanced capture clarity, adjust template layouts, custom color palettes, offset magnify tools, and much more. Snagit is worth a purchase proposing good online instructions, support forums, auto-response time, and tutorials.

Conclusions: SnagIt is the Best Screen Capture Tools You Can Own

In total, users are greatly impressed by the power settings of Snagit not only for screen captures but also for editing, cropping, organizing, and adding more graphical features.

Snagit is providing innovative & useful features for the past few years, which are hardly presented by some free screen capture tools with special effects, broad output format, and vector-based markup tools.

It’s definitely worth downloading a free trial of the software to test the functionalities of the program before you really committed to buying it. All purchases also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee from Techsmith.

Author: Powell Wong

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