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Last updated on February 14th, 2024

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Replay capture suite

The Replay Capture Suite by Applian Technologies is a software package designed for downloading, capturing, and recording audio and video content from the internet.

It’s primarily used for downloading and saving online media, such as streaming videos, music, and radio broadcasts, so that users can enjoy them offline or on their preferred devices.

In this article, we will look into details of the content of this software package as well as what it can do for you. So, read on…

Replay Capture Suite – All-in-one Media Download, Capturing, and Conversion Suite

The Replay Capture Suite contains nine incredible programs that provide all of the tools you need to capture media from ANY site. You can record radio, save music as MP3 files, download video files, and convert and edit your recorded files.

The suite typically includes a variety of individual tools and applications, each serving a specific purpose. It contains the following applications:

  • Replay Media Catcher – Capture or download streaming video and MP3 audio as you surf! It’s just like a video downloader. [Click here for full review]
  • Replay Video Capture – Make high-quality video by capturing anything playing on your computer screen. [Read unbias review here]
  • Meeting Recorder Plus – Record live meetings via Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype in one click with high-quality output. Alternatively, you can use the video capture software.
  • Replay Music – Record and automatically tag MP3 files from Internet Radio and Digital Music Services with perfect quality.
  • Replay Converter – Convert files from all the popular audio and video formats, including iPod Video. It just acts like a video converter.
  • Replay Media Splitter – Replay Media Splitter makes editing media files a snap including extracting or removing portions of audio and video files. Otherwise, you may need a video editing software.
  • Replay Radio – Record radio is the best way to enjoy your favorite radio shows and stations.
  • Video Padlock – Password protects sensitive personal video files on your PC with secure, convenient encryption.
  • YTV Clone – This lets you easily transform your computer into a multi-viewing entertainment center, especially a live show or event.

Official page:

Note: If you already own one of the included products, you just need to upgrade to the Replay Capture Suite to enjoy all the benefits of the suite. 

What Are the Great Features of The Replay Capture Suite?

The following are the program’s great features that you can expect from the suite:

¨       Capture and save ALL kinds of streaming audio & videos including online streaming sites, radio shows, and online TV stations.

¨       Instantly convert your recordings to 36 popular formats, including several iPod options.

¨       Download streaming video clips from Windows MediaTM, RealTM, and FlashTM formats.

¨       Copy Podcasts to your PC or MP3 Player. Save Podcasts or Radio shows as bookmarkable files on your iPod.

¨       Record from radios or any other device attached to your PC.

¨       Record playlists from Digital Music Services, and save each track as a separate MP3 song file or CD with artist, album, title, and genre information.

¨       Editing like trim, chop, and split the audio and video files can be done easily.

¨       Record and pause recording from the microphone, and save to high-quality MP3 files.

¨       Skip over the ads when listening to recorded radio shows.

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The Pros and Cons of The Replay Capture Suite

No doubt that every software has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can take advantage of these 8-in-1 package tools:


  • Capture all kinds of streaming video & audio from ANY site.replay capture suite
  • Save streaming video, radio shows, music, podcasts, XM/Sirius, and more.
  • Convert recorded files to many popular output formats.
  • Edit recorded audio and video files as you wish.
  • Encrypt personal video files on your PC.
  • Get free demos of each individual product. Try the software before you get it.
  • No ads or any unwanted annoying program pop-out.


  • Need to install different software (all have 7) to cater to your needs.
  • The quality of recording drops a little but this happens to almost all recording programs.

For extra info about this Replay Capture Suite, watch the video below:

Let Me Show You What Current Owners Have To Say About This Replay Capture Suite

“I have used a lot of software over the years, but the Replay Video Suite works beyond my expectations. Easy to use and works every time. I will recommend this software to my family & friends and even some of my enemies!” ~ David T. (Alberta, Canada)

“I’ve found your products highly efficient, stable, and dependable. Great value for the money and I enjoy using them. I only wish everything else on my computer worked so well. Additionally, your customer service staff is very prompt, courteous, and helpful. Thanks, and continued success!” ~ Andy H. (Clinton Township, Michigan)

I believe most users will have a positive experience after using the software suite. Best of all, you can try the software for free and all the software by Applian also comes with money back guarantee. This really turns your purchase risk-free!

Where Can You Get The Replay Capture Suite At The Best Price?

I think this is really an important question as we want to be sure that you’re getting the really best deal. So I’ve done some extensive research for you and you can get the best price here.

I strongly encourage you to check out Replay Capture Suite now, it’s not free – but you do get a full 30 days to try it out before you buy it. Also, with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee you can get a full refund if you don’t like the software, or if you’re simply just not happy with it.

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Final Words

In conclusion, the Replay Capture Suite by Applian Technologies offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for capturing and recording online audio and video content.

With a range of specialized tools like Replay Media Catcher, Replay Video Capture, Replay Music, Replay Converter, etc. as well as a user-friendly media player, this suite empowers users to effortlessly save and enjoy their favorite online media offline.

As technology and media consumption habits continue to evolve, Applian Technologies’ Replay Capture Suite stands as a valuable ally in the quest to capture and relive our digital experiences.

Author: Powell Wong

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