The Complete Leawo DVD Ripper Review

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Leawo DVD RipperIn this present day, there are many options of DVD ripping program available in the market. It might be quite overwhelming for you to choose the best one. A program which can be your consideration is Leawo DVD Ripper.

The users will be able to enjoy various advantages from the Leawo DVD tool. The program comes with outstanding design and interface which is simple to use. It is working to make DVD ripping becoming non-threatening task. However, it still has some disadvantages including the requirements for additional software to rip Blu-rays.

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Leawo DVD Ripper indeed offers various features and advanced abilities which should be available in DVD ripping software. However, like other ripping tools the program also lacks of some capabilities to make it must have items in the market.

This review article will let you discover all the possibilities and drawbacks of the tool. So read on!

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The 7 Great Features of Leawo DVD Ripper for Windows

  1. Convert DVD to video/audio files for many devices

The main features which are available in Leawo DVD Ripper are the ability to convert video files to hard drive in over 180 popular file formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, AVI, 3GP, MP4, MP3, and much more. Visit here for full details.

You also can use the program and convert the files for multiple devices playbacks like on Apple, Samsung, HTC, Xperia, etc.


  1. Remove disc restrictions

Leawo DVD Ripper is equipped with CSS decryption which is built into the application. It is considered as good feature to rip copy-protected discs since other products only provide it as add-on. These features can be accessed easily. You can grow more familiar with the product as you are operating the program.

The preset features are working to rip the media without menus and special content tagging along. The program is still able to read a damaged DVD but it will skip and sputter during the playback. Installing the program allows you to save the damaged disc by creating the back up copy which will disregard corrupted data.

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Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copy encryptions contained on commercial discs. We do not endorse any illegal activity.


  1. Free video converter and YouTube downloader

If you get this DVD Ripper you also gets free video converter to convert audio and video files between 180+ popular formats for multiple players and devices. You also can download YouTube videos and then convert online videos to other formats with the free YouTube Downloader!


  1. Fast conversion

The company has designed the program with user-friendly interface. You can have the total control on the output parameters. Leawo DVD Ripper supports the latest NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, multi-core CPUs, and batch conversion. The technology combination provides faster conversion speed for the users.


  1. Can produces customized video files

With the built-in video editor, you can edit DVD movies as you wish like trim video length, crop video size, adjust contrast and brightness, reset video effects, add watermark, etc. You also can enjoy the merge DVD files features to enjoy movies continuously. This can definitely help you in producing better yet customized output videos.


  1. 3D movie creator

This ripper allows you to convert 2D DVD to 3D movies in 6 different color modes, side by side. After created the movies, you can share it on youtube 3D channel, play in on your PC, 3D TV, 3D smartphones or other compatible players.


  1. Extract audio from DVD video

The program is also working to extract audio from DVD video. This allows the users to set the exact conversion segment and choose the preferred subtitles for better playback. You can start and end the chapter according to your needs and preference. This is very useful for DVD concert.


The Pros and Cons of Leawo DVD Ripper for Windows

The following are some of the notable pros and cons of this program:


  • The intuitive user interfaces make it easier even for the beginners.
  • To save your cost, beside it’s an affordable price, the ongoing promotions is available like 10% special offer, giveaway, or even you can win a free copy of the software.
  • Comprehensive user guide with FAQs accompany with great user supports like phone call, skype, FB page, Yahoo messenger is available to solve your hassles.
  • The ripping tool is available for both Windows and Mac users and you can freely trial the program before committed to buy it.
  • The ripper supports the latest Windows 10 system as well as older operating system like Windows 8/7/XP.


  • The absence of the ability to rip Blu-rays discs. You have to purchase addition program in order to do that. But to be honest, most of the DVD ripper doesn’t have this feature because you can use the blu-ray rippers.
  • The ripping process is slower as it takes double ripping time of top ranked products to complete the process.



There are many users who are very impressed with the customization tools of the software. Beside you can convert the DVD into video/audio clips, you also can utilize the build-in video editor and 3D movie creator to produce a stunning videos.

Leawo DVD Ripper also offers simple interface and other features which are suitable for ripping and converting. You also can easily get support and help with the comprehensive user guide, FAQs, or connect directly with their staff or enquiry form available on the website.

Also, for a limited time you can get 10% off special offer from normal price when checkout. Or, you can go to the official website homepage to see the discount information.

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