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Last updated on April 16th, 2024

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WinX DVD Ripper is a popular and reliable tool to rip all kinds of DVDs. Their free version is available for free download with limited capabilities while the Platinum version required you to purchase a license code to unlock its potential.

This article will guide you on the correct way to get the legit and discounted price for the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum license code. You will learn how to activate it to enjoy all of its great features to the maximum.

We also will let you know some of the alternatives of WinX DVD ripper platinum and their advantages compared to the free DVD tools available on the market.

WinX dvd ripper platinum license code

Part I: What is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum License Code?

1. The WinX DVD Ripper Platinum License Code

The WinX DVD Ripper is a free version while the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a paid version. The free version doesn’t require the license code or registration key to use but with some limitations.

If you still doubt the capabilities of the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, it’s a reliable and popular ripper recommended by major tech media like Techradar, TopTenReviews, PCMag, and more. In fact, our editors also rated this software as the best DVD ripper.

In order to fully utilize the full potential of this software, you need to have a WinX DVD Ripper Platinum license code to unlock all the great features. The license code will look similar to this (16-digit alpha-numeric):

ACQ5B-FBPWN-TOYDJ-SK6RX – this is a fake key.

You need to use the key similar to the above to activate the software.

2. The Advantages of Having the License Key or Registration Code

If you do not have the license code, that means you are using the free version of WinX DVD Ripper which has some limitations:

  • The DVD ripping speed is slower.
  • The supported output file formats are limited.
  • The output quality preservation is dropped since the technology integrated into the free version is less.
  • Backup is restricted to unprotected DVDs as it’s unable to deal with protected discs.
  • Customization options are limited too.
WinX DVD Ripper vs WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Note: The trial version of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip DVDs but it’s limited to the first 5 minutes of a DVD for evaluation.

3. The Software System Requirements

Before you download & use the software, it’s good for you to know the minimum system requirements to run the program:

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8/7; MacOS 10.6 or newer
  • CPU: 1 GHz or higher Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM: 512 MB or higher
  • HDD: 200 MB of free hard disk space or larger
  • Display: DirectX-compatible graphic card or higher
  • DVD drive: You need it to read the DVDs, either internal or external (USB)

4. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Pricing

Before getting the registration key, it’s good to know the price of this software. This software has 3 plans as follows:

  • 1-year subscription (3 PCs) – $34.95 [Free gift: WinX HD Video Converter]
  • Lifetime plan (1 PC) – $59.95
  • 4-in-1 Bundle Lifetime plan (1 PC) – $144.95 [included WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, DVD Copy Pro, Video Converter Deluxe, and MediaTrans]

Part II: How to Obtain and Activate WinX DVD Ripper Platinum?

1. How to Obtain the License Key?

  • Purchase From the Official Website or Their Affiliate Sites

No doubt that if you want to get the license key, you need to buy the software from the official page,

You also can purchase from our site, which is also the developer affiliate site. The software price will be the same as the developer/official site. Here is the link:

Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum License Code Now

Click on the “Buy Full License” button to bring you to another page. You can choose to get a year subscription or a lifetime license. Click the “Buy Now” button below it. For example, we click on the lifetime license option and you will see the following screen: 

Winx dvd ripper platinum checkout

Fill up the payment details and click the “Continue” button. You may also use Paypal for the payment. Once payment is done, you will receive product info and license code at the email address you provided.

  • Participate in Promotional Campaigns

From time to time, the software developer is running special discount promotions for the software such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Summer discounts, Winter discounts, etc.

Currently, the software is having a Special Sale discount. To get the discount now, click here.

  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Giveaway

Also, as our site is a long-term affiliate partner for WinX products, we manage to negotiate a special giveaway of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. You can download the full features of the program and use it for 3 full days without any limitations.

Click here to download it now.

2. The Software Activation Process

Before you go through the activation process, make sure you already purchase the software by following the steps above. You should have the license key with you now. Then, follow the steps here to activate WinX DVD Ripper Platinum using the license code:

Assume that you already install the software, then just launch the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. From the initial software interface, click on the “Register” option.

winx dvd ripper platinum register and activate

In the Licensed Email and License Code columns, insert the email address and license code that you received through email upon purchasing the software.

Click on the “Activate” button and this will unlock the free trial limits and you can enjoy all the features of the software.

Part III: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Vs. Other DVD Ripping Software

1. Comparison of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with Other Paid DVD Rippers

wonderfox dvd ripper pro vs winx dvd ripper platinum

There are some other paid DVD ripping software in the market that offer similar functionalities like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, there are:

Both programs are good and you can read the comparison between the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro.

In this section we will do some comparison between WinX and DVDFab dvd ripper:

  • Pricing – DVDFab dvd ripper is more expensive than WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.
  • Interface – Both tools offer a user-friendly interface. DVDFab’s modern & sleek interface bundle their series of programs, DVD Copy, Ripper, Converter & Creator together while WinX’s is concentrates on DVD ripping and easier to understand.
  • Speed – Both programs are pretty similar & fast rippers, no obvious advantage but WinX claims it’s faster than DVDFab.
  • Capabilities – Both tools can rip normal and copy-protected DVDs to various formats, like MP4, MKV, AVI, etc., and have presets for portable devices. DVDFab offers more advanced settings like integration with Enlarge AI to customize for higher quality output, support for 3D movies, and adjust subtitle options.
  • Output quality – Both tools can produce high-quality output files with no loss of quality during the ripping process.

2. Advantages of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Over Free Tools

When we talk about free dvd rippers, it’s usually referred to as HandBrake, MakeMKV, and VLC Player. Compared with the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, the clear advantages of WinX’s software are:

  • Ability to deal with region code problems and rip copy-protected DVDs.
  • Better customer support in case you encounter any problems.
  • The supported output file formats are far more than the free tools.
  • The ripping speed is faster than the free rippers.

Last Words

The free DVD rippers and WinX DVD Ripper free edition have some limitations compared to the Platinum version. So, no doubt that WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is an excellent software that’s worth to invest for anyone looking to preserve their DVD collection.

Well, you need to get the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum license code to activate the software and enjoy all of the software features, creating backups that allow them to watch their favorite movies on the video player, computer as well as portable devices.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there any WinX DVD Ripper Platinum key giveaway for free?

As of 2024, no. You must purchase the software from the official or their affiliate sites to get the license code. Also, do not download the software from the forum or unreliable sites that may potentially harm your computer if you run the installer.

2. Does WinX DVD Ripper Platinum give discount coupons?

Yes. From time to time, the software developer Digiarty Software, Inc will release coupon codes that will generally expire after some time. You can check the latest discount code for different software here.

3. Can I use the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum crack version that exists online?

Do not download any cracked version or keygen generator that exists on the Internet that tries to modify the program for use. It’s unethical and illegal to download and crack the software.

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