Secrets on Getting A Best Video Capture Software

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Video capture software also called video recording software has the capability to record anything from your computer screen (online or offline) and save it for future use.

Once you downloaded/recorded the files to your computer, you can edit your recordings, like changing the audio, adding text, effects, graphic, etc. Then, the video become yours! You can freely upload it to the video sharing sites or embed it in your PowerPoint presentation slides.

Before we continue, it’s good for you to know there is another similar program like video capture tool called video downloader. You may also like to know the best video downloader in the market.

But, not all the video capture software can do the tasks at once! Some program can let you record the video but the output quality drops while other software maybe difficult for you to edit the video! So, getting a top-notch software for audio video recording is really not an easy task!

Luckily, this article will let you know how to get a best video capture software and we also recommend some of those programs in case if you need it.


How to Choose a Reliable and  Best Video Capture Software?

video-editingChoosing a powerful audio or video recording software is never an easy task especially there are so many different products to choose from. This article will guide you on choosing the right and best recording software to cater your needs.

The following are the 5 major guidelines to help you choose a right video recording program:

  • The Program Features – What features the program offers including recording and editing tools? Does the software offer free trial and money back guarantee if you purchase a copy?
  • Ease of Use – How easy and how fast you can pick up the program? Some program just need to push a button to start recording / capturing!
  • Recording Capabilities – What are the media file formats supported by the software? Does the software allow convert the recorded files to different formats?
  • Help and Support – How is the company’s customer support system i.e. online chat, phone call, forum, FAQs? Or how easy you can get the help if you encountered problem?
  • Price – This is especially important as the different software developers offering software with similar functionalities but the pricing may vary quite a lot.


A Good Video Capture Program Features

The following are some of the good features of a top video recording software. Please note that not all the recording software can have all the features listed.

  • It can record video from a wide range of sources and save it in many output formats including those that can be used on mobile devices.
  • The program is relatively easy to use with friendly user interface. Even a computer newbie can use it.
  • Capture video files directly on a PC from a webcam, external devices, computer screen or online streaming video.
  • The quality of the recorded/downloaded audio/video files is good and the recording speed is relatively fast.
  • It should allow you to schedule the recording and some also allow recording in the background mode.
  • The video capture software also should be able to convert the captured videos to different file formats. You may also like: Best Video Converter Programs.
  • You can always download the free trial version to test the software features before you commit to buy it.
  • The price is reasonable and affordable. Can support latest Windows 8 and 10 operating system. The Mac version should e available too.


Recommended Video Recording Software’s

The software recommended below was selected from many similar softwares that was reviewed by our editors and you are always welcome to free trial the program and see for yourself.

  1. WM Recorder v16

wm recorderThis is one of the powerful stream-capturing audio video recorders that you can found on the market. The program can support thousands of music and video websites and you just press a button and record as you wish.

The recordings speed is fast and you can schedule and allow multiple streams of recording at once. Of course the recorder can capture both audio and video files (and many file formats are supported).

There are lots more great features that you can enjoys if you get the software, and best of all you can freely trial the software before you decide to purchase it.

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  1. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

movavi screen capture studioMovavi screen capture or recorder is simply one of the best screen recording software that you can found. The easy to use application not only allows you to capture video screen and audio, you also can use it to record gameplay video, capture from webcam, VoIP calls, and mobile devices.

The program also allows you to edit or turn the captured files into high quality productions. You can get the excellent tutorials and resources online while you can reach the support via phone, email or live chat.

If you don’t need the video editing function, you can get a cheaper version called Movavi screen capture. Also, both the Windows and Mac version are available!

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  1. Replay Video Capture v7

replay video capture 7Replay Video Capture is a screen recorder. This is very powerful as it uses Screen Capture technology to records anything on your PC screen! You can actually record anything such as demo or audio presentation, timely video and other things like DVDs that you are playing or watching in your computer screen.

When we come across Replay Video Capture (free trial is available), we’re very satisfy with the great features of this powerful software by Applian Technologies.

The company also produces some other media tools and just for your information, you can take at look on Replay Capture Suite, the 7-in-1 package of software that can cater all your audio video needs.

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Conclusion: Our Pick

There are many video capture software in the market now, sometime the software also called video recorder or video downloader which is pretty similar to video capture applications.

If you are still unsure which software to choose from, you can get the Movavi Screen Capture Studio as it’s a great video capture program. With so many features, you can expect this tool to capture anything run on your computer screen with high quality output and it’s suitable for all level of users. Take advantage of free trial so you can test the software for free before buying.

Also from time to time, we will review the great video capture software in the market for the benefits of our readers. If you encounter a good media capturing software, feel free to contact us and let us review the software.