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Last updated on June 1st, 2021

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WM Recorder 16: Best Streaming Video Recorder?

wm recorderWatching videos is fun, especially when you can get it for free. If you want to watch the latest movies but you don’t want to spend lots of money, a streaming video recorder can be your best option.

It is a program that allows you to download videos from various websites and then convert it into any popular file format for videos. These websites may include Youtube, Google Video, PBS, Yahoo Video, ESPN, Blog TV and Adobe TV.

This particular recorder is only available for PCs that are using Windows operating system. If you want to know how to use this program effortlessly, you first need to know its features and functions.

The easiest and most powerful type of streaming video downloader is the WM recorder 16. With it, you can easily record different audio and video files from any of your favorite sites. You just have to open the recorder, play the audio or video and it will be saved automatically. It is surely the best streaming video recorder that you can find out there because of its convenient use.

This software for video recording is very compatible with the systems that operate Windows and especially established for recording streaming media. Even though users are allowed to download and utilize it for free, those unregistered versions restrict the users with the 2-minute recording limit.

Though there is no deadline that entails the users to upgrade to the registered version, they don’t have the chance to acquire the best uses of WM recorder if they will keep using the free sample mode. Getting the registered version of the product will allow the users to acquire the full functionality of the program.


Discover Why WM Recorder is The Best Streaming Video Recorder

WM recorder is considered as the best streaming video downloader because it can download almost everything. All well-known streaming formats can be supported by the software including:

  • Windows media (RTSP, MMS and HTTP)
  • Flash video (RTMP and HTTP)
  • Real video and Real audio (RTSP and HTTP)
  • Windows media DRM (will play according to the restrictions of DRM)
  • MPEG
  • Streaming mp3 (shoutcast)
  • QuickTime
  • (Anything else can be saved using Screen Capture feature)

The program has the highest possible quality for recording. Since it records the very identical data sent to the PC, recordings will be saved as seamless copies of the recorded stream. The outcomes of the media files saved in your PC will be on the highest quality possible.

You may then listen or watch the media anytime at your own convenience, even without being connected to the internet. The program also includes a powerful application of WM converter. With its use, you can conveniently convert the downloaded file into any file format you want.


Let’s See The Great Features to Find In WM Recorder

Once you know the features and functions of the product, you will appreciate all of its unique benefits. These benefits include:

  • Record automatically while you watch the video on your computer
  • Schedule for recording of live stream is available
  • Audio and video file converter are free when purchased
  • Turbo recording – download streaming video for up to 10 times faster
  • Still able to record videos that are password protected or encrypted
  • Quality assurance with highest recording quality output
  • Recording functions work even in slow internet connections
  • Can record manifold stream all at once
  • Merge and split recordings using the converter
  • Ability to resume recordings in case of disconnection
  • Watch free commercial from the well-known movie sharing and TV sites
  • Able to preview, rewind and pause live streams
  • Reconnect automatically for on-demand recording broadcasts
  • Includes a handy application Loopback for recording more sites

These mentioned benefits above are only some of the things that you can get from using WM recorder. It can fast forward, pause and rewind any live streams. It can do a few amazing things in a flash-based video and audio files.

For some radio stations such as BBC and other live TV programs, you can view them while you are recording, pause and continue live replay, rewind for instant playback or even fast forward going back to the live media.


Final Words About WM Recorder Streaming Tool

The best streaming video recorder is a very useful program that you can have. Having it always ready on your computer is very beneficial. The listed features and benefits of the best considered program will be given to you completely if you choose to purchase it.

Since our time is precious, you can even leave your PC while you’re downloading any type of media since it will be saved by the program automatically. You do not need to worry if you forgot to convert the file because it will be saved on your PC and you can then convert it during your free time.

If you want to gain all the mentioned benefits and features of the program, you need not to waste your time. Purchase it right now and enjoy watching your favorite TV programs anytime you want to. With it, you also have the chance to go and watch the hottest and latest movie streaming on the internet.

Also, the 30-day money back guarantee turns your purchase into no risk! Take advantage of it NOW!

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