Online Video Converter Defeats Video Converter Program?

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Online Video Converter and Video Converter Program, which one would you prefer?

Online video converter is an online video conversion site on the Internet which usually is free and it’s able to convert the videos. But do you know how does it work?

On the other side, a video converter program is a software that you need to install on the PC and the software can be used to convert various video formats. What are the advantage and disadvantages of both?

Objectively speaking, I like both (Prerequisite: it’s a reliable online video converter site). Strictly speaking, a reliable video converter program is an irreplaceable choice. Let’s have a look!

Online Video Converter Vs Video Converter Program

Video Converter Software VS Online Video Converter

A mainstream online video converter usually can convert various video and audio formats for playback on different portable devices and PC. For quite a part of the converter, they can also download online videos.

Moreover, it does exist all-in-one audio video converter, video downloader, media player, and video editor which are seldom been used.

While even though the best online video converter site, the video/audio file formats that can be converted are limited. Assume it support all format conversion, then the question is does it work well? It isn’t partiality, keep reading!

Compare with online video converter site, maybe it’s true that video converter software is more likely to be affected by viruses, malware, spyware, or adware. But hey! You should know that the virus is from an online site then affect the application files on your computer.

For video converter program, apps must be installed on the computer, video files must be downloaded to the PC hard disk, the software will retrieve/upload the video file, then convert it on the computer.  The entire process is finished on your computer.

As to the working process of online video converter site, on the contrary, totally different: after adding the download video URL to the box provided, it must download the video onto its web server first, convert video on the server, it takes a longer time, then transfer the converted video file to your computer, it also takes the time. Whatever, good network speed is needed.

Without webserver & Internet, it can do nothing. That’s why many online video converter users complain the conversion is so damn slow and unsteady, btw, if there are many people use the same online video converter site at the same time, then the webserver may crash.

Actually, the online video downloader is just a part feature of the online video converter — download video to the Webserver. It’s also why the online video downloader is working better than an online video converter.


More on Video Converter Software

As usual, you just need to copy the URL of a video, paste it to the box, then choose the file format to convert, and click Start. You can download the video once it’s completed. It’s useable and really simple, but the question is: how many of those perfect online video converter sites have you found? I dare to say, “Not many!” I think it’s also the answer for most people.

And have you found some problems when converting? Such as error reminder: updating currently, modify algorithm data currently, net error, server is busy, the conversion speed is so damn slowly, then failed to convert, blah~ ~ the flexible reason that makes you confuse or make you feel reasonable.

For video converter software, you can found some are free while others are not. The free converters are generally fewer features and support fewer file formats. So, the paid or shareware video converters are always a preferred choice.

You need to install the software before can use the program. Once installed, basically you need to choose the file and output file format then convert the video. Usually, a good converter can support batch conversion.


Some Debates on the Video Converter!

  1. online video converterWhere can I find an online free online URL video audio converter that can convert ANY kind of video?

While most of the URL video converters are free but it cannot guarantee that you can convert every video’s as you wish! Some more, you need to have a good internet connection while doing the conversion.

– Comment: In case one video converter cannot get the job done i.e. having the error, try to use other similar applications online.


  1. Is there a free online video converter that works for ANY streaming videos?

There’s a lot of cool videos out there that I just have to have for my iPod, the only problem is that a lot of the videos are considered “pornographic”, are associated with pornographic sites, or any free video converter/downloader that I find don’t take the URL because the websites that I’m getting it from aren’t supported on theirs.

– Comment: Actually, a circumspective people could know that it doesn’t support any site. To sell horsemeat as beefsteak is the usual practice. It comes out right every time.


  1. What is an online video converter that converts any videos online?

I need to find one online video converter that can convert/download not only YouTube videos but other ones too. I’ve tried zamzar, vixy, converttube, keepvid, and a few others but was unsuccessful. But those videos from encrypted sites are not easy to convert using the online URL converter.

– Comment: Actually, the above mentioned online video converter sites are very famous, but this guy met the intentional, invalid time.


  1. How to download this flv/swf video from this site. Online video grabbers do not work?

Also, I got a video that doesn’t have a link. It’s on a website, but the video pops up in a separate screen WITHOUT any URL, I have already tried Tunecab Online, and it does not work. Any suggestions? Video converter sites like vixy, keepvid did not work. Tried Mozilla Firefox add-on – no luck.

– Comment: It is probably blocked to stop downloads. Actually, totally believable that those video converter sites do not support the site you want to download video off. And without a video URL, an online site can do nothing.


Conclusion and Our Picks

There are many video converter software as well as online converters available. Choosing a great converter can be a challenging task. Here are my recommendations and reviews:

Does Online Video Converter defeat Video Converter Program? Maybe probable – months or years ahead. But if the hardware converter is born, then things are different! One thing for sure is that currently, the video converter program is still better than an online or URL movie converter.