Top 3 Free Web Hosting Providers of 2021

Last updated on May 30th, 2021

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Choosing a web host can be a daunting enough task, choosing a free web host even more so. Just do a quick search on the Internet and you will know many hosting providers are offering free as well as paid services.

But is the free web hosting reliable? Or you should consider getting a paid hosting that is more reliable? Let’s discover more in this post.

In this article, we’re going to review the top 3 free hosting services, how to find a free hosting provider, pros and cons of it, which one is right for you, and how to avoid the potential pitfalls you may encounter.


Top 3 Free Hosting Providers

The following are three free web hosting companies that offer good services for you to put up your website live.



This is a completely free web hosting service. You can enjoy their unlimited disk space and bandwidth, setup email address, etc. It’s one of the fastest free hosts with good uptime and no ads will appear on your site. A great hosting service for free.




This hosting company provides free hosting with PHP, SQL, cPanel, and no ads. However, the disk space is limited to 1 GB and bandwidth is limited to 10GB. Not only that, but you also cannot have the email account and the speed and uptime are bad.




This is a cloud hosting that’s free and unlimited! Their bandwidth and disk space are unlimited, PHP, MySQL, cPanel access, but no email account provided. Also, your site may get suspended if your site is using to a high of their resources.


How to Choose the Free Web Hosting Service Provider?

The first step is deciding the type of web site you want to build and host, such as a blog, simple web site, or one with dynamic coded content (such as PHP). In the first case, blog hosting, the best option would be to use one of the popular free blogging services; such as those offered by WordPress and Blogger.

These blog services offer free services where they provide the hosting and the technology you need to start blogging. Simply sign up for an account and access the provided control panel to start adding your content.

If you intend on building your own site, either a simple HTML site or PHP based site, then you will need to find a free host that allows you to upload your own content via FTP, or with a web-based file manager.

These types of free hosts are more like regular web hosting services, as they provide you with just space and features you need to start your own site. You will need to publish your content to your webspace, just like you would with any hosting provider.


Here are the tips..

There are a number of ways to locate a quality free web hosting provider. First and foremost is a simple internet search. Typically those that come up first in the search engine results are those that have stood the test of time, and provide consistent and quality service.

You can search the terms like “Free Web Hosts” and “Absolutely Free Hosting” that maintain lists of free hosting services ranked by their quality and features. Generally, this option allows you to review the features of the free web hosts before making a decision.

Typically it is best to avoid a free web host, or any host for that matter, that makes offers and promises that sound unrealistic. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, particularly in the hosting business.

Some additional things to look for when making your choice are how long the provider has been running, user feedback and reviews for the host, and making sure they have the features needed to run your site. It is best to find a compromise between the host that has all the features you want and one that has been around for a few years.

In the free hosting business, hosts come and go almost daily. It’s safe to assume if a free host has been around more than a year, that they are a safe bet.

One last thing to consider is whether the host offers an upgradeable plan. With any luck, your site will quickly outgrow free hosting and you will need to upgrade. If the host offers an upgradeable plan, then this transition will be easy. Or, if the host offers cPanel, you can quickly move to a new host using the backup tools available.


Is Free Hosting Good to Start?

If you just started a business, you may think that the free option is a good start. Let’s consider the pros and cons of having a free hosting provider before you proceed:


  • You do not have to pay a single cent for the service. You are going to put up a personal website and see how does it work, this perfectly for starting point try out (in personal with few blog posts).
  • For non-profit organizations that don’t have the funds to pay for web hosting packages may also take advantage of free web hosting offers.


  • You will not have your own domain name.
  • This is worse if you are trying to build the business website, free web hosting is definitely not the way to go because you would not have a means for branding, your URL like this:
  • You will have limited disk space and bandwidth. Even some free hosts come with unlimited space, but your site may get deleted without alert (I experience it)!!
  • There will be a ton of advertisements: banners, pop-up, etc since this free, as you could see when we use the yahoo email account for free, we need to bear with that all the time.
  • Limited support: In most cases you need to research by yourself or take even a week to wait for any one to help, remember that free and no more further than that.

Well, if you are serious in business we do not recommend you use the free web host. You should get a more reliable paid web host from the beginning including the meaningful domain.

There are many shared web host providers in the market, and we recommend this web host because it’s reliable and secure, a company that we use and can be trusted.



So with this a short overview for you to have the idea of what free web hosting is about, the site I mentioned is perfect for free, they are popular especially for the personal blogs, they don’t show their ads or any banner on your blog like some other free services.

However, we do not recommend you use the free host to avoid the risk of having site getting suspended or even got deleted without any reason. So, to make your site safe and you are doing the long term business, we recommend you to use paid web hosting.

Author: Powell Wong

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