How to Download Online Videos?

Watching videos and listening audios in the internet are among the main uses of the internet to everyone nowadays no matter you are a teen or adult. They visit different audio video sites like youtube, vimeo, etc to watch and listen to their favorites.

In most cases, if the video quality is good, downloads are frequently done. Good thing that there are sites that allows direct download of their videos or audios. While there are also some sites that require membership or paid subscription, which keeps spammers from violating their copyrights.

How to download online videos basically depends on the site, then. Also, there are various software across the Internet that allow you to download almost all videos that seems to be hard to download. Some of them are video converter while there are also video capture program available.

download online videos

Downloading from free or paid sites?

If downloading from a paid site, you will basically need a membership which you can only get if you are able to complete the prerequisites. Once you are in, you will be provided with an online account where you can view, share and download any of your chosen videos or audios. You can also a keep a copy on your hard drive if that is your intention of having a membership on these sites.

If you are downloading from a free site, you can easily get your copy of a video or music by simply pressing a tab where a ‘Free download’ or ‘Get your download here’ is seen. If the site has an app or plug in downloader, it usually offers such to you. Once you have it, save and run it. From there, you can now click any of your video or audio that you wish to get a copy of.

There are also some sites that allow you to watch the videos but you cannot download the video directly. A good example of this is Youtube. So, how to deal with that?


Here are the solutions to download any video online!

How to download online videos is actually easy if you have the permission from the site you are taking your videos and audios from. In this case, you just need to have a video downloader that is compatible with what the site uses. There are a lot of applications to use some are free while others are not.

Among these is the Video downloader software like Replay Media Catcher, which allows the internet user to download different audios and videos from various streaming sites—including Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and a lot more. The software has its own search engine that helps you in finding videos and audios of your choice. The commonly used video downloaders can support both the Mac and Windows system.

Alternatively, you also can use the online video downloaders. Just search google and you will find the URL of this kind of sites. This is a video web application that can convert and download the web videos online. Its fixed browser window allows you to securely search directly inside the interface of the web and download the videos. But sometime if the video site is not supported then you may unable to download the video.

Another solution is using the browser add-ons. That can be achieved by installing the codecs or add-ons in the main browser like Firefox or Chrome. One of the examples is DownloadHelper add-on for firefox. This gives powerful solution in downloading online videos without experiencing hiccups. This can works greatly for more than 100 well-known sharing sites of videos and audios.

So, out of the three solutions, video download software is the best because a good video downloader program can download almost all the video online even the site was encrypted. But those downloader’s also not free and you have to pay for it. The other two solutions are free so if you don’t want to invest some money you can use it but not all videos can be downloaded.

You do not also need to worry if your downloaded videos are not compatible with the player. There is a video converter program that you can, once again, download from the web. This will allow you to change the format of your downloaded videos so as to match the requirements of your player. You may convert your downloaded videos in different popular formats such as MOV, MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV and MKV.

After downloaded the videos, what is next?

Well, you may need to audio video converter programs that can convert a video from one format to another. This is because not all the downloaded videos can be play on your devices.