The Best MP4 to DVD Converter Revealed!

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Technology nowadays has provided us with numerous breakthroughs that helped us reminisce the past and compare the “then and now”. Such of these breakthroughs are those of MP4 format. This format allows movies and videos to be of good quality.

Though there is a sad part, and that would be this type of format usually can only be watched through the computer. Of course, there is always a way through it and that is to convert mp4 to dvd. Often, people also called the program as MP4 to DVD burner.

Quick update: Our editor rated ConvertXtoDVD as the best MP4 to DVD Converter.

With the good MP4 Converter, you can burn the video to a DVD which can be played in a DVD player anywhere; it is a lot more convenient. You can just easily copy or “drag & drop” the data file to the DVD, but there is a high possibility that most of the DVD players out there would not read it.

The best thing to do is to convert to a usable format in order for the DVD player to recognize it and in that way, you can view the contents by using the player. The key to being able to use this process is a “DVD burning/authoring software”.

The DVD authoring software is just a program for creating DVDs but in this article, we will be concentrate on how to convert MP4 to DVD. In the following section, we will introduce some of the top-rated MP4 to DVD converters in the market now (free and paid software).

MP4 to dvd converter


Top 3 Best MP4 to DVD Converters

In the market, there are plenty of software’s; some are freeware while others are shareware (paid) video converting programs. Following we are going to suggest a couple of different programs for those of you, who are looking for top MP4 and video converters (with a free solution too). Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. ConvertXtoDVD 7

ConvertXtoDVD 7 MP4 to DVD converter

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We start off the best MP4 to DVD converter compilation with a rather obvious suggestion. ConvertXtoDVD has been a top-rated video converter for quite a while and it has every reason to be popular.

This is a great video file conversion program, it’s not only can convert the MP4 but also able to convert almost all the audio & video files (including HD, audio & video codecs) to the standard DVD format.

The entire process is pretty simple as you just need to open the ConvertXtoDVD app, get the video file to convert, and click on the Convert button. If you want, you can burn the output file to the disc as you wish. The following is the video that shows you how to do the mp4 to DVD conversion.

For more information about ConvertXtoDVD, click here. You can download and free try it for 7 days.

The simple user interface makes the program easy to use and comes with some excellent features to get a fully working DVD in no time.

Features Highlights:

  • Easy to use – the beginners and pros alike can handle the program (fail-proof)
  • Video editing – Including cut, merge, crop videos as well as adjusting the brightness, contrast, and audio-video subtitle synchronization
  • Menu creation – The menu background, audio, the duration is fully customizable. For a newbie, you can use the pre-made template.
  • Supported file format – Convert almost all the video file formats to DVD (to be playing on any DVD player)
  • Fast conversion – The DVD converter allows hardware decoding as well as simultaneous conversion capabilities
  • Advanced features – Including soft or hard subtitle supported, add chapter or watermark, Convert to PAL or NTSC, 2 pass encoding, audio normalization, and more.
  • Burn or save anywhere – Automatically burn the converted video files to DVD, or as ISO. You also can choose to save it on a computer or transfer to USB flash drive.
  • Supported OS – Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32 and 64-bit). The Mac OS is NOT supported.

About the software:

  • Price: $44.99 (Free trial now)
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Version:
  • Hardware requirements: Intel/AMD CPU with at least 512MB RAM, 4.3GB disk space, and DVD burner.

Program screenshot:


Official site: 


2. Wondershare UniConverter (Video Converter Ultimate)

Wondershare uniconverter

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As one of the top video converters, the program from Wondershare is the top program in our lists. This is truly an outstanding all-in-one program for your audio and video needs. It comes with intuitive interface design and a great customer support system to help you when you encounter any problem.

You can freely trial the software before committing to buying it so you have a chance to test drive the software to see what the program can do for you.

Features Highlights:

  • All-in-one software: Video converter and editor, DVD ripper and burner, video downloader, and recorder for 1,000 file formats.
  • Video editing: You can trim, crop, apply effects, add subtitles & watermark, etc to the videos.
  • Faster conversion: Converts videos 30X faster than a normal video converter.
  • One-click downloader: Save videos from over 10,000 sites and play on major browsers.
  • Advanced features: Convert any 2D videos to 3D videos; remove videos with Digital Rights Management (DRM), record videos from streaming sites, etc.
  • Burn and save: You can transfer/burn videos with different formats to ISO files, DVD discs, or DVD folders and play on multiple devices.
  • Supported OS: All the latest Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP) and Mac OS are supported.

Click here for a full review of this video converter or you can get the software here.


2. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Official site:


3. Freemake Video Converter

freemake video converter

The third program featured in our best MP4 to DVD Converter lists is the Freemake video converter. This video converter is free as you can access all of the program features and it’s enough for normal or average users.

However, if you are a more advanced user, you may need to use their premium features, then you have to upgrade to their gold pack.

Features Highlights:

  • Convert videos fast and simple – Just 3 steps to complete the video conversion with about 500 file formats including 4k and HD videos.
  • Pull video clips from video sharing sites – You can download video clips from popular sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc and convert them to different file formats.
  • Video editing – You can do some editing like cut, join, and rotate the video clips.
  • Rip and burn DVD/blu-ray – Use the program to rip unprotected DVDs or burn the videos to DVD/Blu-ray discs. Also, read how to rip protected DVDs.
  • Share your video easier – You can directly upload the clips to YouTube or share on various portable devices/gadgets.

Program screenshot:

freemake free video converter

So, the free version has limitations of slow conversion speeds, and converted videos contain the Freemake logo (beginning & the end of the videos). To remove the logo with a faster speed, you need to buy the Freemake gold pack ($19 for a one-time payment or $9 for an annual subscription).


How to Convert MP4 to DVD for Any DVD Player?

The MP4 video format is extensively used on computers and Apple’s mobile devices but is not compatible with the file format that a DVD uses. If you want to play MP4 on DVD players, you need to convert MP4 to DVD playable format first.

Obviously, there are two methods that you can use to convert the MP4 file formats. Besides using DVD authoring software (also called DVD Creator), you also can use the MP4 to DVD Converter. The converter is a program that can be used to convert most video files including MP4 to DVD supported formats.

If a DVD ripper is to rip or convert DVD to another file format, the MP4 to DVD Converter is vice-versa, i.e. convert the MP4 files to DVD supported formats.

Also, you can use the video converter to convert the various input file formats to the intended output formats including converting mp4 to DVD. That’s why we also recommend some of the reliable video file converters in our lists above.


Conclusion and Our Pick

No software out there is perfect. However, the three MP4 to DVD converters recommended in this article definitely is the top software that you can trust. The programs come with great features and I think it’s worth it for you to take a look.

If you just a starter, you can download the Freemake video converter since it’s free (but with a logo). If you are a pros video editor or converter, then better you go for the other two paid options. You will not get disappointed with the video software.

If you want us to pick, then you can get the ConvertXtoDVD as it’s an excellent yet reliable converter.