How to Use Aimersoft DVD Ripper? Complete Steps.

Last updated on April 10th, 2024

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The Aimersoft DVD Ripper may not be as popular as WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, but is the software really can do the ripping jobs? Yes, here we really download and test the software and let you know the results.

In this article, I will guide you step-by-step on how to download & install the software, as well as activate and use the software to get the best quality video output files. 

The full review of the Aimersoft DVD ripper can be found here. For more info, read each of the sections below carefully.

I.) Download and Install the Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Follow the step-by-step guide below to convert DVD to digital format using Aimersoft DVD Ripper.

To Download the Software

1. Go to:

Aimersoft dvd ripper website

2. Click on the “Free Download” button to download the installer [aimer-dvd-ripper_full51.exe]. The file is 12.5 MB at the time of writing this article.

To Install the Aimersoft DVD Ripper

3. To start installing the software, double-click on the downloaded file. As usual, when prompted “User Account Control” window, click on the “Yes” button to continue.

Aimersoft dvd ripper welcome screen

4. From the welcome screen, click on the “Next” button, this will show the program license agreement. Click on the “I accept the agreement” option and then click on the “Next” button to continue.

Aimersoft dvd ripper license agreement

5. The next screen allows you to choose the install location. You can accept the default install location. Just click on the “Next” button to continue.

Aimersoft dvd ripper choose install location

6. This screen allows you to choose whether to add the icon to the desktop as well as the quick launch bar. Just leave it as default and click on the “Next” button.

aimersoft dvd ripper choose additional tasks

7. Just click on the “Install” button again to proceed with the installation. This will install the Aimersoft software. When finished, just click on the “Finish” button.

II.) How to Activate Aimersoft DVD Ripper?

Why do you need to purchase and activate the software?

Well, there are several limitations if you do not activate the Aimersoft DVD ripper such as:

  • The watermark displayed on all output video files
  • Output audio duration will be limited to 3 minutes only.

I highly suggest you register for the program as you can enjoy benefits like no watermark, no audio limitation, free software upgrade, and free technical support. Click here to order the software.

1. When you launch the software, the first screen that you see is asking you to activate the software by inserting the “License e-mail:” and “Registration code:” areas.

aimersoft dvd ripper registration

2. If you are not purchasing the software yet, you can click on the “Order” button to bring you to the order page.

Aimersoft dvd ripper order page

3. Click on the “Add to Cart” button under the plan that you wish to purchase. As a demo, here I click on the button under the “Lifetime License”. This will bring you to another screen below.

aimersoft dvd ripper payment info

4. Click the X beside the “Download Insurance Service” as it’s not needed. Then, fill in the email, billing, and card info details. When finished, click on the “Secure Checkout” button.

Note: If you have a discount coupon, click on the “I have a coupon” link to apply the discount coupon.

5. Once successfully paid, the registration code should be emailed to you immediately.

6. Then, you go back to the software and insert the “License e-mail:” and “Registration code:”, then click on the “Register” button. You will be prompted a message that saying you have successfully activated the software.  

III.) Steps to Use Aimersoft DVD Ripper to Rip DVDs

To begin, make sure you already insert the DVD disc into your computer DVD drive. Then, launch the Aimersoft DVD ripper program and follow the guide here.

Step 1: Load the DVD

Click on the “Load DVD” button. When popping up the “Browse for Folder” window, click on your computer DVD drive before clicking on the “OK” button.

aimersoft dvd ripper load dvd

You will prompt to choose between “Main Movie” and “All Movies”.

  • Main Movie – will load the main title to rip
  • All Movies – will load all the DVD disc contents and you need to select the title to convert

When ready, click on the “OK” button and this will load the DVD content and show it on the screen.

Step 2: Choose the Output Format and Destination

The first thing you need is to set the output file format. Click on the “Profile:” drop-down menu and choose from the available options. Here, I choose the “MP4 Video” under the “Common Video” category.

Aimersoft dvd ripper choose profile

Depending on where you want to view the output files, if you want to convert the DVD for playback on portable devices, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, PSP, Xbox, etc., you can see the specific category like Apple, Samsung, etc.

In the “Output:” column, click on the “Browse” button to choose a location to store the ripped files. This step is optional.

Step 3: Advanced Settings

Click on the “Settings…” button and you will see the Settings window as follows:

Aimersoft dvd ripper advanced settings

In the “Format Preset:” column, you also can change the output format here. Then, in the Video section, there are 4 options you can make changes (if needed):

  • Resolution: – You can change the default 640
    *480 to 720*480 for better quality output but file size also increase.
  • Encoder: – H.264 is an ideal encoder and hence no change is needed.
  • Frame Rate: – This will affect the video viewing experience. Normal video can be set to 24 fps but for some sports video that comes with lots of motion, it’s better to set it to 30 fps.
  • Bit Rate: – This will affect the output quality and file size. 2000 kbps is good to go.

For the Audio section, the following are the available options:

  • Sample Rate: – This is the number of times in a second an audio sample is taken. For most digital audio, 44100 Hz or 44.1 kHz is the best sample rate.
  • Encoder: – AAC Audio is good to go and there is no other option available in this program.
  • Channel: – When music is recorded, the audio tracks are mixed into 2 separate channels (stereo format). With 2 speakers, you can hear the music in a 2-channel stereo instead of one channel mono. The 5.1 channels are mixed with surround sound.
  • Bit Rate: – Higher bit rate mean higher quality audio. 128 kbps is good to go and do not set it below 96 kbps as human ears will notice the drop in quality.

If you want to split the video, check the “Split” option. You can choose to split the video by size or time. When finished, click on the “OK” button.

Step 4: Start the Ripping Process

Aimersoft dvd ripper start ripping

When you are ready, click on the “Start” button to begin the conversion process. You can choose to open the output folder or shut down the computer when the conversion is completed.

When the conversion finishes, it will show “All the conversion tasks has been completed”. Just click on the “OK” button. You can view the file in the folder that you specified.

Note: If you want to convert multiple or all the DVD titles into one large file, check the “Merge into One File” to combine the added files.

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Even though you may find the interface of the software is a bit old, the software still can do the DVD ripping tasks pretty beautifully. You can use it to rip both homemade and commercial DVDs (including encrypted discs) on Windows or Mac OS X.

The main drawback of this software is that it’s unable to rip DVDs to ISO format or DVD Folder. If you want to do it, you can get a DVD Copy software called Aimersoft DVD Copy.

Author: Powell Wong

Powell Wong is a chief editor and writer at SmartPoint Inc., the company that manages this website. He graduated from university in computer science, has over 20-year experience in the field, and mainly writes about multimedia software for this site.