How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 7/8/10?

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You should know that Windows is an operating system that controls our PC. So usually a normal user you cannot easily change the operating system unless you know how to do it. But to add the functionalities of a computer, you can install needed programs to your computer and the process is not difficult!

Also, there are so many useful applications that you can download from the Internet, install and use it for free. That is why many people know how to install a program but they don’t know the proper way to remove or uninstall an application.

Of course there are several methods that you can use to remove a program and in this article we will reveal all the ways to easily uninstall or change a program. There is a free way and in some circumstances you may required to install a third-party paid program in order to completely remove software from your computer.

Please note that depending on the Windows version that you used, it may be slightly different screens that you may see, but you definitely can be the three methods below.


How to Uninstall Programs / Apps on Windows 10?

The following video shows a quick tip to remove a program on Windows 10. However, not all the program can use the method show in the video to uninstall an app. Fortunately, the following section we will let you know all the methods to remove programs from your computer that seems to be difficult/cannot be uninstalled!


3 Ways to Uninstall Programs That Cannot be Uninstalled

The following are three methods that show you how to remove programs from Windows 7, 8 or 10.

1. Using Program Uninstaller

The very first step you need to do when you want to remove a program is look whether the program that you want to remove has the uninstall feature. To do that, just click on the Start button and click All Programs, then click on the program that you wish to remove from your computer.

For example, when click on Applian Technologies folder as show in the screen below, you will notice that there are two applications in it, the Replay Media Catcher 5 and Replay Video Capture 7.

program uninstaller

You can uninstall the Replay Video Capture 7 program by clicking on the Uninstall Replay Video Capture 7 and follow the on-screen instructions. This is what we called the program uninstaller removal method and this is the easiest way to remove an application from your PC.

But when you look at the Replay Media Catcher 5, there is NO Uninstall Replay Media Catcher 5 option available, so to remove the program you need to proceeds to the method 2 below. Following are the pros and cons of using the program uninstaller method.

Pros: Easiest, free and almost all people can use this method. This method is suitable for computer newbie.

Cons: Not all the programs can be removed using this method and sometime you may encounter a failure during the un-installation process.


2. Using Windows Build-in Uninstaller [Free method]

In most Windows versions including Windows 7, the build-in uninstaller is located in the Control Panel menu by clicking on the Start button and go to Control Panel.

From the screen, in the Category view, click on Uninstall a program. Another window wills pop-up as show here.

build-in uninstaller

From the lists of programs, choose the program that you want to remove. For example, we choose Replay Media Catcher 5 as this software does not have the program uninstaller. Then, you will see the Uninstall/Change button appear and just click on the button and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the application from your PC.

Pros: Free and it comes with any versions of Windows. This is the easiest way to remove common programs on a PC.

Cons: The un-installation is not ‘clean’ enough and some of the programs that have broken in their installation files may face problem when uninstalling.

In the following short video you will learn how to uninstall a program on Windows 7:


3. Using Uninstaller Software [Recommended but not free method]

Although you can use Windows build-in uninstaller to remove software, but to completely delete a program and do not leave unnecessary files on your PC, you need a third-party program or uninstaller.

There are many uninstalling software or we called it uninstaller tool in the market now. Some are freeware while others are shareware. Anyway, following are some of the high ratings and proven to be outstanding uninstallers with good features:

Pros: Most of the paid uninstallers come with outstanding features and able to removed the programs completely from your PC without leaving unnecessary files on your computer hard drive.

Cons: This software can only be run on the Windows operating system and not for others OS like Mac and Linux. Also, you need to buy it as it’s not free.

Since Revo Uninstaller was the best uninstaller software, in the following section we will look into why and how to use the Revo Uninstaller Pro.


Why Revo Uninstaller Pro (Portable)?

There are many uninstaller programs out there but here we will talk about the Revo Uninstaller Pro, rated by our editor’s as the best uninstaller software. The main reasons are that the uninstaller easily helps you to uninstall unwanted software thoroughly.

Here are the review and demo of the software:


Using The Revo Uninstaller Pro To Uninstall Programs on Your Computer

  1. Download the Revo Uninstaller Pro.
  2. Install the Revo Uninstaller If you don’t know how to install, here are the steps.
  3. Start the Revo Uninstaller Pro and you will be prompted to a window where all the installed programs are displayed as show below.

revo uninstaller pro screen

  1. Choose the program that you wish to remove from your computer by double-clicking on the program icon. In our case we choose TweetAdder4 and just wait for some time while it performs the initial analysis and also creating program backup and restore point.
  2. Then you will be prompted to confirm to completely remove the program and its components. Just click Yes button to continue.

confirm program uninstall

  1. The software will uninstall the program. Once finished, the next window show the program was successfully removed from your computer. Click OK.

program removed successful

  1. After the program was successfully removed, you can use the Revo uninstaller to scan for leftover files, folders and registry entries. There are three options available, namely “Safe”, “Moderate” and “Advanced”. You can choose any option but ‘Moderate’ is recommended.
  2. Click the Scan button and wait while the program performs the scanning. Depending on the program that you remove, the Revo software will detect any leftovers in our PC as show here.

revo uninstaller scan results

  1. In our case, just click on the last entry of the item (C:\Users\PC…) and click the Delete. Click Yes to confirm the deletion and following by Finish button to close the window.
  2. This will back to the Revo Uninstaller Pro screen. Continue with removing the second application or just close the window.

Note: This is one of the simplest ways to use the Revo software, of course there are many other features like Forced uninstall, Quick uninstall, etc which will be covered in other articles.


Conclusion: You Can Uninstall Any Programs As You Wish Now

As you can see from the three methods above, you should know that the Windows uninstaller is not the best way to remove programs from your PC.

There are also some free uninstaller programs out there that can be use to uninstaller applications on your PC but generally speaking, those free apps are less reliable, lack of features & support and it may let you disappointed. Click here for more info about free uninstaller recommendations.

So, if you wish to remove all the programs without leaving any footprint or un-necessary files on your PC, you should consider getting one of the uninstaller software recommended above. I would recommend you get the Revo Uninstaller Pro as it’s highly rated by some of the major rating companies including:

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Click here to get the Revo uninstaller at the best price now or read the complete review of the software here.

P/s: It’s good if you can share your experience in using the uninstaller program with us using the comment below.