How to Download Videos from Any Website?

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I believe you may experience a moment that you really like a video that you watch online and eager to save it to your computer hard drive. This is where the video downloader or screen recorder comes in play.

There are many software’s for audio video recording or downloading and choosing a reliable program is never an easy task. This article going to revealed the differences between the video downloader and screen recorder software.

Also, many people are looking for a software that can download videos from any website? Is there such a tool, read on and you will find the answer.

But getting a reliable software not by just looking at their software features and there are some other factors to considers, you can read more tips on choosing a great audio video software here.

download videos from any website

What is a Video Downloader?

A video downloader is a software with the ability to download different types of video files from the Internet. Usually you just need to open the software, copy the video URL to download and paste it to the program then download it. You can just leave the program to download the file(s).

Beside the download feature, some downloader programs have extra features like video editor, converter, etc. While there are some video downloaders offering extra functionalities, usually there are not free.

If you are aware, you may notice that there are three types of video downloaders: freeware, shareware (not free), browser add-ons as well as the online video downloader.

The free programs are usually less features, less video sites supported (can download) compare to the shareware software. Usually the shareware programs allow you to freely download their trial version (with some limitations) to test the software. The features offers by the program are better too. The online URL downloader let you download the video files directly from their website.

The following are the full reviews of some popular video download tools for Windows:

  • WM Recorder (Shareware video downloader/recorder)
  • Freemake (Freeware video downloader)
  • Video DownloadHelper (Browser add-on or extension)
  • (online/web video downloader)


What is a Screen Recorder or Video Capture Software?

A screen recorder or screen capture software is different from the video downloader. This kind of software will record or capture the video/movie on your computer screen while it’s playing (either from online or offline files).

Sometime people also called it video capture software. With the video capture program, you still use the player to run the video then capture and save it using the software.

With screen recorder or video capture tools, you can use it to record live webinar, gameplay, webcam, VoIP calls, etc. So, even some video downloader is unable to download certain types of videos but screen recorder definitely can do it!

Following are the top 3 screen recording software for Windows:

Normally, the free recorders has some limitations like limited recording time, watermarked output, limited functionalities like editing options, etc. After all, they also offer the premium version that users need to pay to enjoy the full features. So, if you are serious user, just go for the full version.


What Are the Differences Between Video Downloader and Screen Recorder?

Both types of software can either download or record videos from the Internet and save it to your computer hard drives. So which type is better? It’s really hard to decide.

While screen recorder is not bad, at least you can use it to record any videos that play on the PC screen. But with recorder software, you need to stay on the video site from start to finish while recording. This is one of the major drawbacks.

Also, from our experience, this kind of software doesn’t support you to record several videos at the same time. But with video downloader, normally you can do that.

However, the video downloader is able to download videos although you leave the webpage. Most of the paid version can do batch downloading. If you want to save time, you should use video downloader.

The only drawback of video downloading software is that you may not be able to download video from certain sites especially with the encrypted videos.


Is there Any Software Which Can Download Videos from Any Website?

People always looking for a super software that can do everything, possibly video downloading, editing, converting and so on. But in reality, it’s not easy to find a software that is complete and allow you to download videos from any sites.

But with the combinations of two types of programs above i.e. one reliable video downloader together with a good screen recorder, you can download/record any videos from anywhere.

To tell the truth, a good video downloader can download videos from almost any video sites. In case if certain sites are not supported, you still can utilize the screen recorder software to record the video. So, the combinations of them are the perfect solution. I can say all the videos can be save to your computer if you know the software to use.