What is the Best Youtube Downloader for Windows?

Last updated on June 1st, 2021

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best youtube downloader for windowsAll the people around the world know that YouTube is the world largest audio video sharing site. You can watch any kinds of movie on youtube like tutorials, sport games, listening to the songs, webinars and all kind of movies.

Sometime you may want to download your favourite videos to your computer. As YouTube do not provide an easy method for you to download the video, you need to use a third-party tool like youtube downloader or browser add-ons to save to video.

Among the tools you can use to get the videos are the best youtube downloaders for Windows (including the free downloader), web or online youtube downloader as well as browser add-on or extension.  Following are the recommended tools for each of them.


Best YouTube Downloader for Windows

Some people always want to use the free software but generally the free version is lack of features and hence the full version is always recommended. The software below not only can download videos from youtube site but also from other video sites.

  • Wondershare AllMyTube

The simple interface of this software let you easily can handle the program and you can use it to download video from almost all the video sharing sites. The great thing is that this downloader supports the portable players and mobile devices. You can freely trial the software and if you purchase, it also come with 30-day money back guarantee.

  • WM Recorder

It’s a powerful tool to record streaming video and audio from the Internet and save it to your computer. The great thing about this software is that it’s 4-in-1 program. It includes video downloader, on-screen video recorder, audio recorder and audio video converter. Among the great features of this application is that it allow multiple streams recording at once and even can resume the recordings if the Internet connection failed. Read full review here.


Free YouTube Video Downloader for Windows

The free tools is always a prefer choice. This is because the free youtube downloaders also can use to save video to your computer. The only different between the free and paid version is that free software may lack of some functionalities or limitations.

  • Freemake Free Video Downloader

This is one of the reliable free downloader that is easy to use. Just copy and paste the URL and you can start downloading. The download speed is fast and allows users to convert the downloaded files to various formats in shortest time. This will save your precious time. For more details, read the full review here.


Free Firefox Add-on YouTube Video Downloader

There are many browser add-ons available and almost all of them are free. The very obvious limitation is that it’s browser specific i.e. Firefox add-on is not suitable for Chrome. Also, sometime when browser update to a new version, the add-on may not work with the latest browser update. Following are the top add-ons that allow you to download video from YouTube.

  • YouTube Enhancer Plus

This is another great add-on for YouTube lovers. It has many features like remove ads from videos, disable autoplay for videos, automatically play videos in HD, save favorite videos and playlists to watch them later, etc. Visit here to know more.

How to install the add-on?

  1. When you visit the add-on page, click on Add to Firefox It will take some time to download & verify the installation and browser will prompt to confirm the installation. Click the Install button.
  2. Click the Restart Now button to restart the Firefox so that the add-on will be install.
  3. After restart, you will see the YouTube Enhancer Plus icon on the right-hand side of the address bar. You can start using it by clicking on the icon.
  • Easy Youtube Video Download

For those that wanted to enjoys the HD videos then this add-on is for you. With just one simple click, you can download Youtube videos with 1080p full-HD and 256Kbps high quality MP3 capability. Install it now.

  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download

With this add-on, you not only can download YouTube videos with ease and the add-0n can work together with video download helper tool like DownloadHelper, DownThemAll, etc. You can choose the output file formats and video quality. Once you download and install the add-on, it will adds a simple red button to the video that once click can download the video. Click here for more…


Note: In one browser, you can install more than one similar add-ons but don’t recommend you install more than three. Also, we found that some add-ons may NOT work as it’s not constantly updated (especially when the browser was updated).


Best Online YouTube Downloader

It’s also called URL or web based video downloader. With this kind of application, you do not need to download any software or install any add-ons. Also, since most of them are free, there is no guarantee that you can download all the videos available on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Here are two of the most popular web video downloaders:



The way to use the web video downloader is not difficult; every site has its own instructions. For more info on this type of video download app, visit this page.


Conclusion: Get the Perfect Software For Your Download Needs

Now you know that there are several methods that you can use to download videos from YouTube. If you’re just an average computer user, you may try to use the free downloaders or add-ons. But that free software does not guarantee that you can download your favourite videos.

If you always need to deal with downloading and/or converting video files, you should get a full version of video downloader that are proven to works better. The tools suggested on this article are highly recommended since it has been tested to be a great software.

I hope that this page can help you found the best YouTube downloader for Windows.

Author: Powell Wong

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