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Last updated on May 30th, 2021

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When looking for web hosting, you maybe confuse with several categories of hosting services provided by the hosting company. Those categories include shared hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

For you information, the shared web hosting is for individual or small and medium business owners to host their website. Then, when you grow the business you can upgrade to the VPS hosting services. If you website growing bigger, getting very high traffics to your site then it’s time to look for dedicated server.

We already reviewed the basic shared hosting services and this article will let you know the best dedicated server hosting available in the market now. But first you need to know what is dedicated server and it is for you?


Is Dedicated Servers Hosting For You?

What are dedicated servers? A dedicated server is not someone who is attentive to you in a restaurant. When you hear the term “dedicated servers” online it usually refers to the type of web hosting provider for a website.

If you have started an internet website, you are probably aware that you need a host. There are several different types of web hosting available. You can get hosting through a free server. This is usually used by people who want to have a personal web page for friends and family. A free server will most likely put their own ads on your web page so that they can generate income.

There are also shared hosting. A shared hosting is the logical choice of most businesses starting out on the website. Because internet hosting can cost hundreds of dollars per month, most small businesses choose a shared server so they do not have to invest so much money at the onset of their business.

A shared web hosting can be a good option for a small and medium business or a personal website. There is no reason for a personal website owner to have a dedicated server. A small business or personal website can keep costs down if they share the cost of hosting with other businesses.

However, if your business suddenly begins to take off, or you find that you want a lot more space for forums and shopping carts that your current shared hosting cannot give you, it may be time to look into getting a VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.

what is a dedicated server hosting

Dedicated servers host only your website. This means that all of the space and bandwidth on the server is yours and yours alone. You do not have to share hosting with other businesses. You can generally make your website as large as you want and include databases such as shopping carts as well as forums that normally take up quite a bit of space.

This also means that you have total control over the safety of your server and your website. You can add additional features that can make your site even more secure, to the benefit of both your customers as well as yourself.

Dedicated hosting usually cost a lot more each month to maintain, but there are different sizes as well as services available for this type of web hosting. When perusing the different options when it comes to dedicated servers online, you can generally find everything from larger servers to budget dedicated servers.

Nothing can be worse for an online business than the following:

  • Customers not being able to access the website because there is not enough bandwidth, leading the customer to believe the website no longer exist.
  • Customers not trusting the security of the website because last month their credit card information was lifted because the website was not secure.
  • A severe limit on the website with regard to space that eventually costs you customers.

All of the above scenarios can be avoided by using dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting. Dedicated servers add space, bandwidth and security for your business websites or apps.


Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Recommended Dedicated Hosting Services

Out of so many dedicated hosting services, we choose Bluehost dedicated hosting as a prefer choice! Beside their offer reliability and great customer services, the price is another important factor. In fact, Bluehost is one of the cheapest dedicated servers hosting that you can rely on.

Here are their dedicated plans:

  • Standard: $79.99/mo with a 36 months subscription (up to $149.99/mo after that)
  • Enhanced: $99.99/mo with a 36 months subscription (up to $159.99/mo after that)
  • Premium: $119.99/mo with a 36 months subscription (up to $209.99/mo after that)

Bluehost Dedicated hosting plans

As you can see, the price is very competitive but one thing to highlight is that you need to subscribe for 3 years in order to get such a discount price. You can choose shorter subscription periods but the price is higher. Check out our full review on different hosting services provided by Bluehost.

We recommend you start with the Standard plan as you can upgrade to a better plan if needed. Also, from time to time, bluehost is offering a discount for all of their plans; check out their latest dedicated hosting plans now.


What You Should Look For in a Web Hosting Service?

If you are thinking putting up your own website, the most important thing you should consider is the type of web hosting service you’d like to avail of. There are a lot of web hosting services available today. Some of them are even offered free of charge.

But to be honest if you are serious in making your business, you must get a paid web hosting services. Following are some of the most important features you should check first:

  1. Storage Space and Bandwidth

Web space corresponds to the amount of files you can upload to the hosting server. Of course, the bigger the web space, the more sites and sub-domains you can host. You can also install many applications, as space is not going to be a problem.

In general, a disk space with 200MB to 500MB should be enough to meet your normal website hosting requirement. But if your site need to host a site with lots of images, audios and videos, the spaces required is bigger, for example, 5GB up to 10GB.

Similarly, the bandwidth requirement is depend on your site traffic estimation. Some web hosting services measures the traffic a website get. When it comes to this aspect, unlimited traffic is best. If there’s a limit to the monthly traffic delegated to your site, chances are, your website won’t display on the browsers of the visitors who are above the limit. This won’t make your site look good.


  1. Reliability and Scalability

A great web hosting company offers reliable server uptime and fast connection.

You want your website up 100% most of the time, if possible. So, choose a web host that can guarantee at least 99.9% server uptime. This feature is usually dependent on the servers of your web-hosting provider.

Also, you not only have to make sure that you go with the hosting company that is totally reliable but also offering hardware facilities that designed for scalability. This is important because when you grow your business, you may need to increase the disk spaces and speed.

Nowadays, some host providers allow you to upgrade from a plan to another easily. You also can choose the upgrade from shared web hosting to VPS or even dedicated servers.


  1. Customer Services and Support

The last major considerations when choosing a hosting provider is the customer support. Usually, a reliable web hosting can provides good 24/7 technical support. Most of their support personnel are experience that able to solved almost all the problems within a reasonable amount of time.

Also, how you can reach the support is crucial and how fast? Most of the time, a good service provider is providing multiple support channels, such as live chat, toll-free phone, online knowledgebase or FAQ, forum tutorials/QnA and email support. The time it takes to response is also a factor to consider.


  1. Applications and Bundles Freeware

This is where the freebies come in. There are a lot of web hosting services that offer application installation support. Those applications including the hosting scripts and content management system (CMS), etc. Try to find out which of these are supported by your web hosting provider to determine if your web page will work for them or not.

Nowadays, some hosting provides extra security features like free SSL certificate, and work together with SiteLock to protect your site from potential hackers or malwares. Also, some hosting also gives you one free domain during the registration and Google & Bing advertising coupons.

Above are the three major considerations for you to choose a great web hosting service. Other considerations include:

  • The cost of the web hosting services
  • How long has the web hosting provider in business?
  • The number of customers they currently have


Conclusion and Our Pick

The performance of your website relies on your web hosting service. Make sure you trust your website only to the experts. Go with the company that understands the needs of their clients when it comes to uptime and functionality.

You also can use the criteria outline above to choose a reliable web hosting service. But if you are unsure, you can trust our expert review to get the best dedicated hosting.

Well, you will not get any worry if you sign up with Bluehost dedicated servers, they hosting packages offering great features with affordable prices and their staffs are well-trained that can help their client to solve the problem faster.

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