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How to Unlock or Bypass DVD Region Codes?

As we all known, DVD is restricted by the region codes that designed to protect the copyright and film distribution rights. However, it causes a lot of inconvenience to our life. The whole world has been divided into 8 regions. R1/Region 1 – The U.S., U.S. territories and CanadaR2/Region 2 – Japan, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa,… Read More »

How to Download Youtube Videos for Free!

YouTube videos may be downloaded one of three particular ways: making use of a web service, an unconnected software program or using the web browser add-ons or extensions. There are advantages as well as disadvantages with all three methods. For instance, web services are generally separate from operating systems and may be used without the need for installing… Read More »

Why Youtube Video Downloader and How to Use it?

Looking for a better video downloading experience? Then getting a reliable YouTube video downloader software can help you save the YouTube videos a breeze. There are several different kinds of YouTube downloader programs available that you can use to download YouTube videos. The majority of them are great at downloading videos from the internet site like YouTube or… Read More »

What is the Best Youtube Downloader for Windows?

All the people around the world know that YouTube is the world largest audio video sharing site. You can watch any kinds of movie on youtube like tutorials, sport games, listening to the songs, webinars and all kind of movies. Sometime you may want to download your favourite videos to your computer. As YouTube do not provide an… Read More »

How to Download Videos from Any Website?

I believe you may experience a moment that you really like a video that you watch online and eager to save it to your computer hard drive. This is where the video downloader or screen recorder comes in play. There are many software’s for audio video recording or downloading and choosing a reliable program is never an easy… Read More »

Top 5 Web Video Downloaders Without Using Software

Watching movies or videos online is trending now. But you need to have a good Internet connection only that you can watch the video as you wish. Alternatively you can download the video and watch it offline or at least you can save your favorites movie on your computer hard drive. How to download online videos effortlessly? Well,… Read More »

Secrets on Getting A Best Video Capture Software

Video capture software also called video recording software has the capability to record anything from your computer screen (online or offline) and save it for future use. Once you downloaded/recorded the files to your computer, you can edit your recordings, like changing the audio, adding text, effects, graphic, etc. Then, the video become yours! You can freely upload… Read More »